Hullo! My name is Shae (though on Neo I go by Kina, or kinamiv) and this is my Neopets blog. Mostly so I don't annoy my followers on my personal blog.

Also this is technically a secondary blog, this is my primary blog so don't freak out if that's the one you see liking/replying to your posts and whatnot...

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a little scribble of my three itty bitty babby neos

reveiller kinda ruins the mood but w/e

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Anonymous Asked:
I know that your beautiful.

Oh my goodness what thank you ;-;

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Little doodle of my fav neo-villain (because I am TRASH), Vira

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inbox me 1 thing you wanna know about me

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Sorry, I don’t have Photoshop on my laptop!

But I really wanted to host a giveaway for the new folks on the site! I remember the joy of my first Coatl, and I want to share it with you!

What I’m giving away:

  • ONE of the two Coatl’s above. Both are female, and both are triple gened! 
  • A random familiar to go with your new dragon!

Their colors are in the captions under their pictures!

How to win:

  • Reblog this post with your Flight Rising username! 
  • You also have to be new to the site (AKA joined today or yesterday).

Alright, that’s it! So, uh, do your thing!

Valkyric! Oh my gosh such precious babies *____*

Delftwing. :) What lovely babies!

Shaezybazey o3o
They’re adorable!

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What’s everyone’s usernames on flight rising I must be friends with everyone

Pyxell, holla c:

Mask, here.

ChariHunter, how do you do?


i intrigue all of the masters


I dive… in… tea. Yeah. 

Dracoon. Do not get me started, I am not a dragon-raccoon hybrid furry. 

supreme :’ )

Julia :)

Rude! C:

Demsropophu is me
Yaaaay dragun frands

Mine’s Shaezybazey c:

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Alsooooo my UN is Shaezybazey and my ID is 45083 c:

I just signed up today so I vaguely know what I’m doing ahhh .u.
(i will tag all my FR related posts I promise)

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:o I picked nature so yay not a bad color choice!

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Oops hopped on the bandwagon and now I have a FR account…

I didn’t know picking an allegiance would be so stressful ;~;

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wow so in celebration of my return to the tag and by celebration i mean just me coming back because hey there friend, i’m gonna do a giveaway. It’s not going to be as extravagant as my other giveaways in the past have been like my 1 year one that was a hoot, but still a giveaway nonetheless. 

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